Day 109

Everyone lazed in bed today, watching the long sunrise. It was really cold and no one wanted to be the first out of bed. We still got started early though and all walked together for awhile, complaining about the cold 🙂

We had a big climb after lunch up to a mesa, then the rest of the day across it’s mostly flat and featureless back. There was one side trip down a canyon to a great little spring. That is the only water for the next 24 miles!

Piper and I chatted away the evening hike about computer stuff, so we barely noticed 7 miles go by. Except that as soon as the sun went down the temperature dropped rapidly.

Overall, a pretty fast and easy day. We have a full moon right now, shining on our campsite like a lamp.

Daily Summary
Date: Oct 10, 2011
Day 109
Daily Distance: 32.2 miles
Trip Distance: 2160.6 miles

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