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Triple Crown Gear Hall of Fame

I wanted to highlight the gear I used on all 3 trails. That’s over 7000 miles of hiking, and I think anything that lasts through all that deserves some special attention! Leki Makalu Mountain Tour Poles They just worked. I … Continue reading

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FEAT Canada Talk

On Sunday night, I spoke at FEAT Canada 2.0, part of the VIMFF. The format was following Pecha Kucha, essentially, 20 slides each automatically changed every 20 seconds. I tried to talk about the sense of being alone on the … Continue reading

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Using GaiaGPS iPhone App for the CDT

Here are some step-by-step instructions for getting GaiaGPS working for the CDT.  I felt like I generally had the most fun setup for GPS out of anyone I met on the trail in 2011.  The main advantage comes if you’re already … Continue reading

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I set out on this trip with a pair of LightTrek 4 (LT4) poles from Gossamer Gear. On the PCT I used a different kind, made by Leki. What happened on this trip was that I broke my LT4 poles … Continue reading

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The best and worst gear

Best: MEC Wool Hoodie.  I wore this to bed every night, and sometimes in cold weather I didn’t take it off for days.  It’s cheap for a Merino shirt too, and so versatile. Kindle.  Apart from breaking one early in … Continue reading

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Finishing the CDT

I haven’t written much since I finished, but now I’ve gotten a bit of rest and I wanted to reflect a bit more. I was in a lot of pain the last night. My hips and glutes were very sore … Continue reading

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the last photos

Here is the link to the last photo album.

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Day 125

Well it’s done! The walk today was pretty forgettable, especially since I was tired and not able to eat well. I mostly drank Gatorade and ate chocolate bars, nothing else appealing in my food bag. By lunch I was in … Continue reading

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Day 124

Today turned out to be pretty damn good all over. All bodily orifices functioning normally. I didn’t make a lot of miles before sunrise, again navigation being an issue. After the sun came up and I could see the posts … Continue reading

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he made it!

Hi everyone, it’s Hailey. I just heard from Ryley. He finished the trail! A big long post from him is coming, but I just wanted to let everyone know he made it okay on gatorade & jolly ranchers.

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