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Guidebooks – crucial on the trail, boring to read and read about 🙂  But as something that will be in my hip pocket every day, I figure you might want to know a little about them!  Every evening I read … Continue reading

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The Continental Divide Trail is like a “choose your own adventure” story. It has two places to start in Montana and three places to finish in New Mexico. Throughout the rest of the trail, there are tons of choices where … Continue reading

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Gear – The Tent

The single most important piece of gear for survival on a hike is a tent. On a long hike like the CDT though, I won’t be spending much time in the tent, and I’ll be asleep most of that. I … Continue reading

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Logistics on a long trail

I’ve been thinking about doing the CDT since the middle of my PCT hike in 2007. I was in central California, staying at a trail angel’s house, and they had a copy of one of the guidebooks for the CDT … Continue reading

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Lightweight hiking

In order to make it through thousands of kilometers of hiking without my body totally failing me, I’ve adopted a lightweight philosophy to what I’ll be carrying. On the PCT, this worked out to ~14lbs of gear, plus water, food, … Continue reading

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CDT Intro

My name is Ryley, I’m the CTO of PresiNET and I’m a thru-hiker. That means that I enjoy some very long walks. In the summer of 2007 I walked the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), through the Sierras and Cascades in … Continue reading

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TOTAL VIEW ONE – new release

We are releasing TOTAL VIEW ONE today!  If you have a valid support contract, you can get the update by going to Configuration -> Maintenance on your TOTAL VIEW ONE, and selecting “Update”.  If you find any bugs, please … Continue reading

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