TOTAL VIEW ONE – new release

We are releasing TOTAL VIEW ONE today!  If you have a valid support contract, you can get the update by going to Configuration -> Maintenance on your TOTAL VIEW ONE, and selecting “Update”.  If you find any bugs, please email PresiNET Support.

Here are the major changes:

  • Features:
    • Added new French translations (TVO/PLUS)
    • Updated Japanese translations (TVO/PLUS)
    • New Login page with more details (TVO/PLUS)
    • New “Download Selected” option on Downloads page (TVO/PLUS)
    • New External Subnets of Interest page (TOTALVIEW PLUS)
    • New Duration page (TOTALVIEW PLUS)
    • New DICOM graph (TOTALVIEW PLUS)
    • New CSV-based HIPAA reports (TOTALVIEW PLUS)
    • Link status shown on network page (Sensors)
    • Banners reflect model (Sensors)
    • VLAN input supports comma-delimited lists (Sensors)
  • Problems Addressed:
    • When TVO is over its connection limit for a day, error messages are now shown
    • Fix some problems with restoring system backups
    • Fix issues with registering VMWare TVOs
    • Text in PDF reports more readable
    • IE9 support, IE6 bug fixes
    • fixed issues in irregular hourly graphs
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