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Sleeping bag

It might seem like a tent is home after a hundred nights, but I am much more attached to my sleeping bag. I have a Western Mountaineering Megalite, which is a down mummy bag rated to 0C. Unlike a lot … Continue reading

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How do you train for a hike like this?  Given that I’m in good shape to begin with, what specifically makes hiking 20+ miles a day difficult?  From my PCT experience, the only thing I wished was that I had … Continue reading

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Rain and I

As a coastal person (I grew up in Victoria, BC), I am pretty used to being rained on.  Truly, I would be crazy to live here if rain bothered me.  On the trail, my main concern in the rain is … Continue reading

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Hiking clothes 2

I went through a ridiculous number of socks on the Pacific Crest Trail.  Sometimes two pairs a week, completely shredded by my dirty feet and too many miles.  In the deserts of Southern California, the sand and my sweat combined … Continue reading

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Hiking clothes

It’s time to address my dorky hiking clothes!  My manly pirate shirt and short-shorts combo is hard to resist.  Throw in hiking poles and a big floppy hat and I’m a walking fashion disaster.  But it’s all for good cause, … Continue reading

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Are you crazy?

Are you crazy???!? Why are you doing this? I actually don’t get asked this too often, I think Canadians are too polite. But my girlfriend, family, and close friends sure hear it though.  I’ll attempt to answer that, although I’m … Continue reading

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This video pretty much speaks for itself: is a great source of trail meal ideas. I’ve found that with a few key ingredients in my bounce box, I can actually make some of these in the little grocery stores … Continue reading

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An interesting thing happens to your feet when you walk all day. They get bigger. Mine swelled from a regular 10.5 to quadruple-wide (4E) 12.5 within a month of starting the PCT. In all I probably went through 10 pairs … Continue reading

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Hikers Diet Plan

This post isn’t about what I’m going to eat on the CDT. It’s more to point out the craziness of what I eat when I’m hiking a long distance every day. In the first 5 weeks of the PCT I … Continue reading

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