Day 124

Today turned out to be pretty damn good all over. All bodily orifices functioning normally. I didn’t make a lot of miles before sunrise, again navigation being an issue. After the sun came up and I could see the posts marking the route, I zoomed off.

At lunch I found shade in the form of a CDT info sign by a highway. There was nothing else around for miles. Again I got lucky in the afternoon with some clouds and a cool breeze… Still hot enough though!

I ran into a guy late afternoon, doing basically a Minuteman patrol, looking for illegal immigrants. He knew Sam Hughes and told me he was reliable – I was already counting on that, but good to hear.

The evening was a bit of a slog, so I listened to a bunch of podcasts to distract me. Now I’m cowboy camped for my last night on the trail, eating my last dinner out of a bag (and my first dinner in 3 nights!). I’m lacking any deep thoughts right now, just deeply tired.

For comparison, I slept through a rain storm in the night last night an usually I wake up at the first drop.

Daily Summary
Date: Oct 25, 2011
Day 124
Daily Distance: 36.3 miles
Trip Distance: 2575.8 miles

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  1. Dave Odell says:

    Congratulations on finishing the CDT.

    David Odell
    AT 71
    PCT 72
    CDT 77

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