Day 110

We had a beautiful night under the stars but a sadly pre-dawn start today, due to the ever later sunrises. We hiked some nice flat dirt roads most of the day with a major blip in the middle over Mt Taylor (11,300ft).

At lunch we stopped at a spring and filled up on really good looking water, so good that I didn’t bother to treat it. When we got to the top of Mt Taylor, there was a note in the register from ET saying that he had pulled a dead squirrel out of the spring pipe. Very gross. I treated my remaining water but ugh. He said he was also feeling sick… no surprise!

Down the other side of Mt Taylor we followed some trail to a nice water cache maintained by the Mumms, and were able to dump some of the nasty squirrel water. More dirt road walking got us pretty close to Grants.

Daily Summary
Date: Oct 11, 2011
Day 110
Daily Distance: 35 miles
Trip Distance: 2195.6 miles

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  1. Mike says:

    Holy Crap.
    At this rate you’ll be back for pumpkin pull.

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