Day 108

The plan was to hike a full day, so everyone was up at 6am, packing and having breakfast (mine was 3/4 of a pie, HoHos and a doughnut). Then we walked out of town on a highway and slowly progressed our way down to a smaller highway, then dirt road, then trail.

The scenery was really pretty, as we climbed and descended escarpments and canyons. Today was the first day in NM where it didn’t rain, and the terrain matched the weather. Lots of big cacti, sage, and rocks :). There is a huge, lone peak dominating the skyline to the south, Cabezon Peak.

We cruised the whole day, easily getting in the mileage. Probably the easiest day on the trail so far. We had lunch in a beautiful box canyon with a spring, lined with swallows nests above us. The water has been pretty sparse so far, but manageable – we met two springs today. Should be the same tomorrow.

Daily Summary
Date: Oct 9, 2011
Day 108
Daily Distance: 33 miles
Trip Distance: 2128.4 miles

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