Day 97

The last few days I’ve been having some knee pain going downhill. Feels like a bit of meniscus is getting ground up but when I take ibuprofen it goes away completely. I’m hoping this is just due to the rough terrain combined with my shoes being at the end of their life (you can see my big toe through the side). Due to good logistics/sheer luck, I should have new shoes waiting for me tomorrow in Pagosa Springs.

Anyways, the hiking today was quite nice. Lots of time on the divide plus some interesting volcanic mountains.

Today is the first day on the whole CDT that I didn’t see another person. That seems crazy but for such a remote trail, but it’s true. For all of Montana I saw Chance every day, so that’s an area where I might have had more solo days otherwise. I’m not sure that it’s a big deal at all, but I do remember before I started being worried about being alone so much. Turns out to be another CDT myth, at least for me.

Daily Summary
Date: Sept 28, 2011
Day 97
Daily Distance: 27.4 miles
Trip Distance: 1880 miles

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  1. Blair says:

    Start hiking faster with your new shoes… Come back in time for Pumpkin Pull… you have 1 month! Go Ryley Go!

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