Day 96

Beautiful hiking today, deep in the Weminuche Wilderness. I circled Rio Grande Pyramid, which was pointed out to me by the couple I walked with right at the start of this section – 2 days ago! It was very pretty, and you can see the landscape changing to more and more desert-like each day.

I met Professor, a section hiker around lunch and we had a nice chat about hiking the PCT (he did it in 1990) and he gave me a few notes on what is to come. His opinion is that if I beat the weather to Cumbres Pass, 64 miles south of my next stop in Pagosa Springs/Wolf Creek Pass, then I will be OK for the rest of the trip. I try pretty hard not to think about anything past the current section because it makes the trip seem too big… So getting info like that tends to just make me nervous.

In lighter news, the other night while trying to get out of my tent, I managed to get my shoe caught on a guy-line badly enough that it took both hands to get myself untangled. While I was thrashing around, swearing and trying to get unstuck, I somehow stepped on my titanium pot, mushing it into an oval. It’s amazing I haven’t fallen off a cliff yet, really. The upside was that once I bent the pot back to shape, the lid now stays on more tightly than it previously did, a small but noticeable improvement!

Daily Summary
Date: Sept 27, 2011
Day 96
Daily Distance: 28.3 miles
Trip Distance: 1852.6 miles

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