Day 85

The Girl Scouts made a video with us, starring Megan and her gear:

We were all feeling a bit sore after yesterday, but the trail was pretty level early while we were warming up. We hit a couple bigger climbs around lunch, eventually climbing up a mountain with a shelter on top. We stopped a bit short of that for lunch, but were driven away by aggressive yellow jackets and wasps. The shelter had a cistern filled by rain water dripping off the eaves, which was pretty neat. We filled up and then dropped down to civilization, passing through some cow pastures and then following a mown strip through Interstate lands. Eventually we were dumped out onto a smaller highway by a Pizza Hut and our destination, a Howard Johnson hotel.

We resupplied, had some BBQ at a local restaurant, and watched some TV. Oh, and Megan dropped a beer bottle on my foot at the grocery store, which exploded with glass and beer everywhere. We are not ready for civilization! We didn’t even end up buying any beer because you have to buy a minimum of 6 from the “build your own 6-pack” singles. We can’t handle 3 beers these days…

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  1. susan breiddal says:

    love the video

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