Day 84


Another day, another early start. After a bit of a climb, we spent most of the morning descending a knee crushing slope. By the time we got to the bottom, Brown’s comment was “my dogs are barking”, but in an adorable southern accent. (mk: apparently this means “my feet are sore”.) We had lunch in a giant shelter, shared with a weird section hiker. He had apparently scared a woman so badly she called the police, and he claims he didn’t actually do anything… So I guess he’s just… creepy?

Megan has a huge toe blister, so she’s not noticing her pulled hamstring as much. Hopefully both will be under control soon. We pushed on the last 6 miles to make it to Bobblet’s Gap Shelter and a 27 mile day. No flat camp spots so we’re at up on a slope. We are headed into town tomorrow, and may stay an extra day if needed.

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  1. susan breiddal says:


  2. Jan says:

    Great to hear your news!

  3. MK says:

    “my dogs are barking” Pop used to say this, I thought it was universally understood!

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