Day 78-79

Today we hung around our posh hotel as long as possible, not doing much but boy was it nice. We hit the road eventually and headed over to Bill’s house to spend the night there. We spent most of the day lounging, using Bill’s wifi and chatting with him and his roommate Ryan. Later we took them out for dinner at a nice steak and seafood restaurant, and Ryan told us about climbing Denali this spring. It sounded totally amazing, although quote dangerous. He got frostbite, and barely made it to the top due to altitude related issues. He also casually mentioned that a half dozen people had died on the climb this year. But all that aside, it seemed very neat. He sent me a bunch of info about the guide he went with and I read it before bed. He also showed me all his gear, which was amazing – had to be warm at -30C… Very different mindset to what I’m doing that’s for sure.

We headed out from Bill’s pretty early so I could get back to the trail and do a few miles without a pack. We drove up some gravel roads and found the trail, then I walked for about 4 hours while Hailes went to a lake near the end and read. Worked out nicely minus some confusion about where we were meeting!

We checked into another motel and I got some last minute chores done… And watched some football, hockey, tv, and part of a movie :).

Daily Summary
Date: Sept 10-11, 2011
Day 78-79
Daily Distance: 12 miles
Trip Distance: 1510 miles

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