Day 77

More days off with Hailey!

We drove to Boulder, going through Berthoud Pass – where I will be hiking to on the trail once I get hiking again. It looked stunning, can’t wait. I’ve heard there’s some snow up there too after all the rain at lower elevations. Boulder was very nice, although we made the mistake of trying to walk somewhere – turned out to be way too far for me 🙂 Walking is no fun if it’s not on the trail for some reason. Maybe it’s the flip-flops. We went to some great stores – a Montbell outlet, my favourite Japanese gear brand. I bought some mitts and a fleece to combat the upcoming cold… which is funny because I usually disdain fleece, preferring insulated coats (synthetic or down). For the conditions around here though, fleece makes sense! If it’s raining or snowing, insulated jackets will get wet and become mostly useless. Fleece is just as effective wet as dry, so the added weight should be worthwhile.

Hailey did some shopping of her own as we walked the streets, and then we headed towards Denver to a hotel we had picked randomly off the internet. It turned out to be VERY upscale (but reasonably priced, go figure). We went to the pool and hottub, then met up with Bill, an internet friend who has been holding my winter hiking gear for me. He took us to a great brewpub in downtown Denver, then to a burlesque show! Pretty random, but we had a great time, laughed hard at the show, and then got back to our hotel by midnight.

Daily Summary
Date: Sept 9, 2011
Day 77
Daily Distance: 0 miles
Trip Distance: 1498 miles

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