Day 44

The goal today was getting to Lima. Last night we picked our campsite knowing that even if it sucked, hey, we’d be in town today. It turned out that the wind flipped 180 degrees in the night, which turned my aerodynamic tent into a kite. It didn’t quite take off, but I spent quite a bit of the night listening to it try.

We were both up at dawn, and hit the road but were quickly reminded that it was not going to be a quick jaunt into town. The divide was very hilly and rocky. We were moving slow due to lack of sleep and food. Eventually we dropped down off the ridges to the valley, but with a solid 10 miles of road to walk to get to the highway.

We eventually made it and a quick call to the motel in Lima netted us a ride into town. We were quickly into our room then off for food.

Early bed is a necessity after last night, so that’s it!

Daily Summary
Date: Aug 7, 2011
Day 44
Daily Distance: 17.4 miles
Trip Distance: 801.5 miles

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