Day 43

Today’s journal could be called “Cow Rant”. Just a warning. First though, we had a great morning walking the divide in relative flatness. Then we got to a great spring and hiked on nice forested trail til lunch.

Things started getting ugly after we dropped down from the divide and cows started making their presence felt. First it was just some dried out cow patties. No big deal, you just step around them. Then some streams I wanted to get water from were turned into mud-holes by cows stomping around in them (and shitting everywhere of course).

Later in the afternoon I ran into herd after herd, so many that I couldn’t possibly avoid causing some of them to stampede off. When that happens, they often leave wet little presents for me, and when you’ve just made them run off up the trail, this is not fun. By dinner I was smeared to the knees liberally with poo. Taking off my shoes was like reaching into a toilet bowl. Dinner was somewhat unpleasant.

Finally, we climbed back up to the divide, but there were some patches where even dainty stepping couldn’t avoid plowing through more shit.

In conclusion, I’m looking forward to a nice burger in Lima.

Daily Summary
Date: Aug 6, 2011
Day 43
Daily Distance: 28.6 miles
Trip Distance: 784.1 miles

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2 Responses to Day 43

  1. karen says:

    hi ryley and hailey
    just finished a bear watching weekend at whistler , the guy who ran it is from montana and runs the grizzly sanctuary at yellowstone, he thought your trek was supercool and wanted teh blog info. he has his own grizzly bear, he says they are not naturally agressive , often pretend , karen

  2. bruce says:

    Just commenting on the comment karen made…………….I’m reminded of that guy in Alaska who was eventually eaten by the “friendly grizzles”.

    So when the grizzly is ‘pretending’ aggression, just pretend to shit your pants:)

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