Day 4 – Cache Wanking


Rain this morning and lots of it!  We met Vocal, who I had seen in the logbook a couple days ago – turns out he was just down the beach from us last night. After spending all morning trudging in the rain, we got to a shelter at lunch and got to hang out with Vocal, Aussie and others for a couple hours. 

Megan tells me that in tree planter parlance this is called cache wanking, aka sitting around talking instead of doing what you’re supposed to.  Vocal and I swapped stories from the CDT, and he told us a bunch about what is to come. I came away excited to see what’s next.  The rain eventually slackened off and we left hoping for a sunny break…

Megan now has a cold and an annoying foot issue that cropped up after lunch (and hopefully will be gone by tomorrow).  We hobbled through the afternoon and stopped by another rushing stream.  Looks like more rain to come…

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  1. Dani says:

    Am I supposed to be laughing the whole time? Because I find this blog hilarious! Thanks for the entertainment!! It’s 36degrees and I’m planting- perhaps I’m only laughing because I’m trying not to empathize too much. The whole thing sounds like a ridiculously awesome way to catch a cold and foot ailment!

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