Day 5


Crossing a stream with a rope aid

Another semi disastrous night of rain and crazy condensation led to us being fairly wet.  Combine that with rain much of the day and we were finally interested in trying out a shelter for camping.

We hiked through more very west coast-like forest and found our food cache right where we expected.  After loading up with another 5 days of food we headed up into some mountains finally.  Unfortunately due to the continuing rain, we didn’t get to see much.  We met a guy named 1Step, and ended up at a shelter half way up the mountain with him and 3 other guys.  We crammed 6 of us into the shelter with Quiet Earp providing music on his backpacking guitar.

We chatted for quite awhile and met one of the ridgerunners – caretakers of the AT.

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  1. Lynda Fownes says:

    Sounds like interesting bonding. Hope you dry out soon. Lynda

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