Day 3


We finally had a solid night’s sleep!   The actual hiking this morning was beside a series of pretty little lakes in a fairly flat trail. The actual trail tread reminded me a bit of the Juan de Fuca trail back home – very rough, wet and rooty.  We eventually got to a beautiful river and had lunch in the middle of a bridge hoping to beat the bugs (failed).  The black flies and mosquitoes are getting worse but still aren’t out of control.  I expect worse to come from stories I’ve heard.

In the afternoon we had more rough trail leading to another pretty river this time with a shelter by it. (M: Rainbow Stream, a great place to take off your shoes and dangle your feet in off the foot bridge).   We met up with Aussie and the Ninja Turtles and took a break with them, still haven’t really gotten their stories yet so I can’t say much more than they’re fun to hang around with.   We next hiked up a little mountain but beyond the sweat there wasn’t any view so we just pounded down the other side and met up with some more hikers at the next shelter, including a guy with a massive pipe, and another guy carrying a tomahawk… We decided to move on but almost immediately ran into a nice lake with a campsite right beside it, so we called it a day.  A very quick, brisk swim later, we are ensconced in our tent with most of the black flies on the outside.   Happy campers!

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  1. karen says:

    great pictures , looks like the start of a great adventure, keep it coming xo

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