Day 39

I forgot to mention that we saw the most evil bull last night. All black but a mixed white/black face like am inkblot. Reminded me a lot of Rorshack from the comic/movie Watchmen.

Both Chance and I got our warmer sleeping bags while in Dillon, and last night we both avoided being cold the whole night. I had been waking up each night at 3-4am to pull on my down jacket the whole trip. I kept expecting summer to arrive but it seems that won’t be happening. Nights are just cold.

Today we climbed up to Darkhorse Mine and walked through some of their abandoned buildings, then bushwhacked up to a pretty pass overlooking the whole area. After that we stayed on the divide the rest of the day. At lunch we put up Chance’s tarp due to threatening rain, which started falling about 30 seconds after we got under. Lucky! Then to top it off, when we were about to pack up and leave, the rain stopped and the skies started clearing.

All afternoon the trail was mellow, under young lodgepole pines, killing all the views. I pretty much just zoned out until dinner. After that, we got to Lehmi Pass, which has some historical significance to do with Lewis and Clark. We have passed lots of stuff about them, I think I should probably read a book about their journeys. Amy suggestions?

Daily Summary
Date: Aug 2, 2011
Day 39
Daily Distance: 25 miles
Trip Distance: 676.5 miles

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