Day 32

I woke up this morning to what I thought was a bear, but turned out to be ET walking up on us. He doesn’t use a watch so he tends to get up with the sun and sleep when it gets dark. Also he has no bug netting at all, so the Mosquitos have been driving him nuts. I felt a lot less annoyed with them once I compared my experience with his. Yikes!

We had a slow morning but I was feeling pretty energetic regardless. We hiked on the divide all afternoon, leaving the AP Wilderness but it stayed quite nice. The trail was littered with blowdowns yesterday and today, but today we just shrugged and carried on. We had some nice views south to Idaho (I think) of the Bitterroot Mountains.

Towards the end of the day we realized we could probably make it out to the road but decided not to. Our resupply “town”, Sula, is very small, just a country store and that’s it. The store closes early too. We are really looking forward to showers and laundry (10 days since our last). Also real food, but I promised myself not to blog endlessly about the food I want to eat, so we’ll just leave it at that 🙂

Daily Summary
Date: July 26, 2011
Day 32
Daily Distance: 24.1 miles
Trip Distance: 577.8 miles

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