Day 31

Slept in quite late, in spite of Irish and Flop getting up at 6am. Felt very, very lethargic on the first couple climbs of the day. Barely made it to lunch really. An hour and a half on top of Pintler Pass, sitting under a tree reading helped rejuvenate me.

Chance convinced me to do a scramble off the trail on the Divide that turned out to be a lot of fun. The adrenaline from doing some steep glissades and scree kept me going almost til dinner.

Overall, a real mental battle today to keep moving in spite of beautiful scenery. I had a swarm of bees, flies and mosquitos following me everywhere and it definitely got to me by the end of the day. Now in my tent I let in about 10 mosquitos I have to kill before I sleep đŸ™‚

Daily Summary
Date: July 25, 2011
Day 31
Daily Distance: 29.1 miles
Trip Distance: 553.7 miles

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