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Glacier National Park camping permit

Hi all, Hailey again. I won’t be updating the map for the next couple of days as I am out of town. This will happen often on weekends over the summer so don’t worry, he is all good. Before you … Continue reading

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Many Glacier update

Hello again, still Hailey here. Ryley made it to Many Glacier today, a little place in Glacier National Park that has a ranger station, hotel, gift shop/general store, restaurant and a payphone! He still has no internet access but once … Continue reading

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Trailhead – Chief Mountain Customs

Hi everyone, Hailey here. I am going to be posting all of Ryley’s blog entries and keeping the online map up to date with his daily SPOT coordinates. My parents and I drove Ryley down to Kalispell, MT yesterday to … Continue reading

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SPOT Map and gear list

6 days until I leave for the trail, so a last few things to point out before I go.  If you want to see where I am on the trail, the place to look will be on the SPOT Map. … Continue reading

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Technology on the trail

In the past I would have considered myself quite a snob when it comes to tech toys in the wilderness.  I prefer to hike with as little as possible.  On the PCT I carried a small camera and a headlamp … Continue reading

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Sleeping gear

Getting close to departure time, 10 days and counting.  Right now it’s looking like I’ll be spending some nights sleeping on snow, so it’s time to consider what I’ll wear to bed and how I’ll be keeping the cold out. … Continue reading

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Trail Update

I’ve been a bit reclusive lately, so when I ran into a bunch of friends this weekend, I had a lot of questions like “I thought we were rid of you already?”  I love my friends.  Here’s the latest update: … Continue reading

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rain and my gear

I’m much more concerned about my sleeping bag getting wet than I am about being soaked myself. Snuggling up in a warm sleeping bag while it’s pouring rain outside the tent is very satisfying, and I want to make that … Continue reading

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