Day 9 – Glacier National Park

I was woken up today by the dulcet tones of Chance puking his guts out. He got food poisoning from something yesterday. Fortunately, I felt fine.

We only had 10 miles to go to town in East Glacier but it was slow going. Chance was a trooper though and made it up the big climb to Scenic Point. I was getting a bit frustrated with the pace even so. Eventually I let Chance go ahead and then went normal pace to catch up. We had our first views East out onto the plains which was neat, but otherwise it was mostly just a slog. Eventually we kicked out into town behind a giant lodge. We went straight for a hostel behind Serranos, a Mexican restaurant, where we had had dinner before we started with Hailey and her parents.

Chance was feeling better in the evening and finally ate something. We met 3 other CDT hikers: Joel, Hui, and Vocal. Considering we weren’t really expecting to meet anyone, we were very surprised! They were incredibly hung over, but still chatted with us quite a bit. Vocal is a ridiculous character, giant beard with pointed moustaches and just talks all the time!

Daily Summary
Date: July 3, 2011
Daily Distance: 10.5 miles
Trip Distance: 111 miles

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3 Responses to Day 9 – Glacier National Park

  1. Blair says:

    Sorry to hear your hiking bro is sick! Sending on vibes for a speedy recovery so you guys can slay the next part of your trip!

  2. dave rodenhuis says:

    Hi Ryley. I’m getting more familiar with the web site, and the views are dazzling. The videos are great too. No more bears; no slips on the snow; and no complaints from you. Maybe the sun is too bright, or the food isn’t hot? Hiking with a “Chance” adds some additional uncertainty and adventure! Very best to both of you. –Dave

  3. Robert Ball says:

    Hi Ryley, reading your blogs with great interest, glad things are going well for you, except for Chance’s upset stomach. Maybe a delayed reaction to that straight vodka two nights
    We had beautiful sunny weather today and same forecasted for tomorrow (Sunday). Took Jean to a workshop at Pearson College at 9:00am today and then went for breakfast at My Chosen Cafe and then decided I needed to follow your example and hike around Matheson Lake. Phew, it was a lot longer than I remember and steeper. Then I spent a relaxing time at William Head Prison for our Annual Restorative Justice Coalition BBQ. Good food, good company and smashing weather. Sitting by the ocean watching the Canada Geese playing. Picked up Jean at 4:30pm and drove home.
    Keep on treking….Warmest wishes….Bob

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