Day 87

Great weather today, but super cold all night and morning. I was actually glad to have my warm sleeping bag…. and it was awfully hard to convince myself to get out of it before sunrise! There was ice and frost everywhere but the hiking was good anyways.

I met some hunters, and by met I mean, snuck up on them and scared the crap out of them. Really I just walked up and assumed they had heard me since they were HUNTING! But apparently you don’t listen for game, you just look. Anyways, I felt a bit like Bugs Bunny – I had to start alerting the hunters to my presence so they don’t get startled and shoot me.

I spent a lot of the day traversing huge basins with views in every direction. The downside was getting between them required a ton of up and down, making this another very tiring day.

I made a very inspiring speech (if I do say so myself) in my head to Clay, the captain of an Ultimate Frisbee team I’m hoping to play for next summer. I won’t get into the details, but yeah, it went on for probably 20 minutes.

I also noticed today that when I see certain shapes in the distance, I almost invariably think it’s a bear. The only exception is when I think it’s a sniper. Go figure. Either way, always gives me a start.

Daily Summary
Date: Sept 18, 2011
Day 87
Daily Distance: 28.3 miles
Trip Distance: 1664.8 miles

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4 Responses to Day 87

  1. Meg says:

    Hope you wrote that speech down, haha! Great that you’re thinking of ulti – next year will be epic!

  2. bruce says:

    Not to be disparaging (prepare to be disparaged!) but somehow I thought profound thoughts would be thought on this trip. I suppose some (ultimate players who have done more than their fair share of recreational enhancers) would argue that there is unlikely a better topic to be mused on than Ultimate. An inspired speech to “Captain Clay” seems lacking in a certain, oh, I don’t know……………profundity? What about the big questions, life, death, coke, pepsi, canucks and the cup??????????
    just the musings of an old man,

  3. dave rodenhuis says:

    Riley–a.k.a. “bunny”. I’m back from my month away, and now am continuing to enjoy your posts, and especially the pictures. You know that hunters are more dangerous than the bears. Take care!

    Aside from planning your frisbee life NEXT summer, what are you thinking all day? This is a congenial agreement with Clay regarding “profound thoughts” to go along with profound landscape and profound adventure. But maybe the daily physical demands leave little energy for philosophy. Tell us about it.

    Very best

    dave in Victoria

  4. Blair says:


    – Don’t get shot at by hunters. I don’t see it working out well for you.
    – Start doing your speeches outloud. This will be beneficial for the above suggestion and also it will let Clay know that you’re crazy and he will give you a spot on the team just because he’s scared of you.

    PS – your days sound much more fun than my days

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