Day 83

My tent got frosted over inside and out but I got up early with Silverthorne in my sights. Chance texted me to say he was at a hotel right where the trail came into town, so I stopped by to say hi before breakfast. He told me to take a bus 15 miles down the trail and then walk back (more downhill that way). I left my pack at the hotel and headed out.

I heard from a bunch of people that it’s supposed to snow tonight, so I’m happy to end my day back in a town. The actual walk back to Silverthorne was great as it passed through two towns where I could get food! My parents called me while I walked too… Ahh civilization 🙂

It’s pouring rain at this elevation so that snow could be happening, if so tomorrow could be very umm… Interesting!

Daily Summary
Date: Sept 14, 2011
Day 83
Daily Distance: 20.7 miles
Trip Distance: 1574.4 miles

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  1. John says:

    Yo, Ryley! Continuing great read. Just caught up on your last 10 days. Was wondering what the elevation gains would be like in Colorado and now I know! Rather you than me.

    Have circulated your blog to various friends and relatives in UK and Australia and have received wows from there, so you have an international audience…well more than Canada.

    Yes, hope that the heat has died down by the time you get to New Mexico. Was looking at the terrain and it looks fairly flat with a few towns.

    Stay well!

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