Day 71

Got up in the dark to get to Steamboat faster… well worth it, as I was eating breakfast at a nice restaurant by 8am. Had coffee afterwards and chilled out, eventually meeting up with Kevin and his girlfriend Sara. Haven’t seen Kevin since Helena I think, so that was cool. We caught up then went and saw a movie – The Debt, which was great, especially since I had not seen any previews, so had no idea what to expect.

Afterwards we found Piper and his wife Rebecca and chatted with them over Mexican food. They are all staying at a condo for the weekend here, and I half invited myself to stay the night with them – they accepted :).

Chance and Lucky Joe showed up later in the day and we made a giant potluck dinner. During dinner Joe had his video camera out and was asking questions of everyone about why we hike. Including how Sara and Rebecca cope with their significant others hiking. It was pretty interesting that with 5 hikers at the table we all had our own distinct answers. I agreed with what everyone else said though. Hopefully I can get a copy of the video to post up here. After dinner we had some long rambling conversations about movies, books, tv, hiking, etc and then rolled into bed at midnight.

Good nero.

Daily Summary
Date: Sept 3, 2011
Day 71
Daily Distance: 4 miles
Trip Distance: 1408.2 miles

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