Day 67

Turns out Lucky Joe gets up at 5:30am, so I was half awake from then. Turned out nicely though, I was hiking before the sun was up and beat the heat all morning. Actually, there was a steady headwind and that kept me cool all day.

I had a really weird lunch – I found a nice shrub-sized willow to hide from the sun and was eating some chips. Some cows came out of the grass and were startled by me being there and ran away. Then a whole herd came by and just stopped right beside me – maybe 10 feet away. They were all crammed together, facing me, just watching and chewing the cud. Then some bulls came up and were slowly creeping towards me. I actually got nervous at this point, and yelling at them didn’t do anything. I kept trying to eat, and when I got out beef jerky, that’s what scared them off! Very weird.

Other than that we got back on the trail and finally off roads. First actual trail since before Lander.

In other news, I think I might be half way done! It’s really hard to tell, due to all my mileage estimates up til now and in my planning not really agreeing. Woo?!?!

Daily Summary
Date: Aug 30, 2011
Day 67
Daily Distance: 31 miles
Trip Distance: 1316.7 miles

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