Day 63

I met a northbounder named Dwayne this morning, just before the first water in 27 miles. He gave me the water situation going forward – better than expected. He was also pretty crazy! Told me he swam across a lake because he had screwed up where he was on the trail and refused to backtrack again. He told me about doing the Appalachian Trail with no tent or sleeping bag. Anyways, interesting conversation!

I saw a ton more antelope and I got pretty close to some wild horses! The downside was that weather didn’t save me from the heat today. It was unbelievably hot! The trail also had some long sections that were very sandy (think of a nice beach). Miserable for hiking.

That’s about it for the day really. Lots of long straight hiking miles 🙂

Daily Summary
Date: Aug 26, 2011
Day 63
Daily Distance: 30.6 miles
Trip Distance: 1229.3 miles

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