Day 59

Turned out there wasn’t a trail to follow last night, so today I just kept rolling down the valley. Eventually I had to climb out and then down out of the Winds. My legs were not happy with the climb at all, totally rubbery.

Out of the Winds, and down into grasslands, completely different! I was suddenly on smooth jeep roads, and I motored all the way to the highway that leads to Lander. Overall the day couldn’t help but be a let down after all of yesterdays highlights.

I got a great room at a little motel, then ate a bunch (shocking!) I had trouble sleeping, then got woken up by a kind of giant siren or klaxon maybe… at 1am. Turns out it was a call for the volunteer firefighters to come to a fire. So loud.

Daily Summary
Date: Aug 22, 2011
Day 59
Daily Distance: 29.2 miles
Trip Distance: 1150 miles

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