Day 53

No problems with bears last night! Woke up to frozen socks and shoes, but not bad enough I couldn’t get them on. I had a quick walk across a big meadow to Brooks Lake, with a big ranch/lodge beside it. I scared a herd of elk as I got close.

I worked my way past the lodge on their trails and roads, saw some cowgirls working on the horses, then I was off up a closed gravel road. I climbed up to a great viewpoint looking south towards the Winds, then bushwhacked down to the highway.

This was supposed to be the hardest hitch on the trail, down to Dubois. I settled in to wait, unfortunately in between two sets of road construction. Barely any cars were going by, but pretty quickly a nice lady from Colorado stopped and gave me a ride all the way to town!

I did my usual chores, planning to head back out quickly, but mid-afternoon decided to stay. I’ve been battling some minor shin splints the last 2 days, and I really don’t want to start the Winds (a big, hard section) injured. Not that one night in a motel will cure me, but it can’t hurt!

I spent the evening icing my shin, talking to home and fiddling on the Internet.

Daily Summary
Date: Aug 16, 2011
Day 53
Daily Distance: 5 miles
Trip Distance: 1005.7 miles

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