Day 50

Hmm, the most fun of the day was almost right at the start, where you go through a bunch of geysers around Shoshone Lake. After that the bugs had me locked into my headnet and generally just walking fast and watching my feet. We passed an amazing campsite (8S1), right on the shore of the lake. Crystal clear water, and it was actually warm! We had to ford the thigh high outlet creek, so I’m certain of the temperature 🙂

In the afternoon we headed towards Heart Lake, and passed Witch Creek, another one where hotsprings are mixing in with the creek. I found a nice spot where it was warm but not boiling, but sadly just had time to poke my hands and head in. I had dinner on the shore of Heart Lake and chatted with a ranger, then hiked on to our official campsite, around the side of the lake.

Long day but overall I feel alright, ready to do it again tomorrow I think!

Daily Summary
Date: Aug 13, 2011
Day 50
Daily Distance: 32.2 miles
Trip Distance: 943.7 miles

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