Day 47

We finished with Montana today! We are on an alternative in Idaho that takes us through a tiny bit of civilization called Mack’s Inn and then east towards Yellowstone in Wyoming.

First I had some confusion where there is a spur of well signed, well trodden trail that goes off in the wrong direction… I wasted half an hour exploring that before I realized my map said quite clearly that it was the wrong way. The right way was 5 miles of cross-country up Hell’s Roaring Creek. There was some use trails through there and I tried to follow them up the canyon of the creek, but sometimes in vain. When I missed it, I usually ended up in the creek or on a steep hill, but I figured it out after a bit and made the rest of the way without mishap.

We had lunch on the MT/ID border and then picked up a busy gravel road for the trip down to Mack’s Inn. We were passed by tons of cars, ATVs and 4x4s (kinda a ATV crossed with a golf cart). I kept wondering what the draw was, as it dead ended half way up a mountain… Didn’t figure that one out.

We tried to arrange our permits for Yellowstone, but failed due to the campsite we wanted first being full. Instead we have to do a short day to the park border, then hike all the way to the park office the next day. We then beg for permits for the rest of the park from there. Tedious.

So today turned leisurely at that point and we lingered at each bit of town (a Subway and two gas stations). Toasted our completion of Montana.

Daily Summary
Date: Aug 10, 2011
Day 47
Daily Distance: 27.5 miles
Trip Distance: 874.2miles

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