Day 40 – Massachusetts


Today was much more exciting than yesterday! First we had some nasty, sweaty climbs around Bennington, VT.  We had heard the last few miles of Vermont were particularly muddy, and we were walking along laughing about how whiny northbounders were. Karma quickly struck, as Megan got her pole so stuck in the mud that it pulled apart, although she somewhat fixed it… We’ll see. Soon after, I crashed through a boardwalk, plunging up to my knee in a bog. Finally, I managed to get my other foot soaked in another mud puddle. So, by lunch we had eaten our words.


Trail angels

After lunch though, we crossed the Vermont – Massachusetts border, and quickly descended towards civilization. We crossed paths with a couple out trail running who were out looking for southbounders to feed. We quickly volunteered and met them at the bottom of the hill. Phillip had hiked the AT in 2013 and with the help of his girlfriend, Isabel, fed us sodas, chips, pulled chicken sandwiches, and home made chocolate chip cookies. It was amazing.  They had to leave at 5, so we headed up Mt Greylock, the highest point in Mass. Halfway up, we ran out of chicken-power, and having hiked 23ish miles, we happily camped.


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