Day 34

We thought today was going to be leisurely, hah! We climbed and descended 6000ish feet. Right at the end we saw some amazing scenery around us, but mostly the rest was a slog. We dropped down low into Idaho midday an then spent the afternoon and evening climbing back out.

In the end wow though! The trail was great, contouring along a steep hillside with really nice views back to Idaho.

In sadder news, we met Vocal (last seen in East Glacier) taking a day off beside the trail. He woke up last night vomiting and still wasn’t able to keep anything down by lunch. He was in a good spot though, beside a pass that gets a bit of traffic. Some ATVers even had stopped in to chat and were going to drop by tomorrow. He’ll be fine!

Daily Summary
Date: July 28, 2011
Day 34
Daily Distance: 22.5 miles
Trip Distance: 612 miles

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