Day 26


We woke up today to beams of sunshine streaming into the shelter, which got us moving more quickly than usual.  I decided to put on my emergency socks (kept dry the whole trip til now) as my feet couldn’t handle another day of wetness. We hiked up Mt Garfield and got a nice view of Franconia Ridge, our hike for the rest of the morning.  We dropped down and climbed back up towards Mt Lafayette, running into some of our shelter-mates from last night. We got up onto the ridge, and it was all exposed walking, today only, in the sun!  So, we had a lovely morning with views all around before stopping for a long lunch to dry all our stuff out.


The Franconia Ridge

Next, a long steep descent to Franconia Notch, where we originally had planned to go into town and resupply. Instead, we pressed on, still loaded down with a few days of food, due to all the free meals we got in the huts.  So, we passed under a highway and climbed up to Lonesome Hut, where we did a work for stay again. This time, we scrubbed the gas stove and replaced some tinfoil below, not bad for delicious lasagna, soup, hallah bread, and salad. The Hut isn’t full either, so the whole process was much more chill, and the staff less frazzled. We got to bed pretty early and are going to head out early as well in the morning.

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