Day 25


Megan lays out the Red Carpet for me

Didn’t have the best sleep, crammed in with multiple snorers, but we managed to be some of the last out anyways. Our hike started with 5 flat miles including the 3 best miles of trail yet – smooth sailing!

We stopped in at Zealand Hut and had a little gingerbread cake, then pushed on to Galehead Hut, where we met up with Pete, who works at Lake of the Clouds, and we had chatted with him there about possibly helping him sing O Canada to the guests on Canada Day.  Unfortunately, we’re 2 days early so we just talked to him a bit, ate some carrot cake, and headed back out into the rain. With the day being fairly easy, we got to our destination campsite by 5 and that suited us fine.  The shelter has 2 levels and probably sleeps 16+ comfortably.  We met some southbounders who started almost a month before us!  Nameless and Detective Cloussou, are quite slow 😉  We hung out with them and others for a bit but were in bed by 7. 
My feet are a mess again from more days of being soaked.  Tomorrow is supposed to be more bad weather, so my feet are definitely only getting worse.

Megan’s knee was OK today, although still a bit sore beyond normal. We definitely did some hobbling today but hopefully back to business tomorrow…

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