Day 26

First, woo a 30 mile day! We kinda weren’t on the right trail at the end and just bushwhacked to Delmoe Lake. Went for a very quick swim and am now hiding in my tent from mosquitos.

Now backing up – we road walked a bunch more in the am and then hit the I15 corridor for lunch. Chance hatched a scheme to have a pizza place deliver us a pizza and sodas to the I15 exit we were at. The second call was a success and pizza was enroute! ET was around too but he decided not to wait (crazy will power on that guy, I could not have resisted). Pizza arrived an hour later with a pretty surprised delivery guy. We took lots of pictures. Afterwards, like good hikers we exercised “Leave No Trace” and burned the box and carried the cans from pop away with us.

We finally got on to some decent trail in the afternoon and were propelled forwards by relentless mozzy attacks. That’s really why we managed a 30 mile day. Now it’s bed time!

Oh, one more thing! We saw a kid on a bike wearing full German camouflage with a gun on his hip. Quite odd I thought, but that could be the Canadian in me talking 🙂

Daily Summary
Date: July 20, 2011
Day 26
Daily Distance: 30 miles
Trip Distance: 423.4 miles

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3 Responses to Day 26

  1. Giles says:

    Ryley, I am just catching up on your adventure. It must be beautiful up there. Is there any wild food at that altitude? I ate fiddlehead fern (sprouts?) at Margaret Lake once, near Septimus Glacier. Mighty tasty sauteed in butter.


  2. Robert Ball says:

    Hi Ryley, a little humour for your travels.
    A man is walking down the street one day and hears a group chanting “…ten, ten, ten, ten, ten…” in the distance. As he continues he passes an old abandoned building along the side of the road and the chanting gets louder, “…TEN, TEN, TEN, TEN, TEN…”. Curious to know what’s going on, he goes up to the front of the building and peeks into a hole drilled into a boarded up window. All of a sudden a stick comes through the hole and pokes him in the eye. He shrieks and jumps back, and as he stands there bewildered and in pain the chanting resumes, “…eleven, eleven, eleven, eleven, eleven…”

    So be careful of any knot holes you might pass…Cheers

  3. bruce says:

    Probably what you don’t realize is that Montana is home to some very serious back to the landers. Some of these guys don’t think the government has any right to dicate anything to them. So seeing a kid in german camo gear shouldn’t be a big surprise. I think the surprise comes when you start hearing that banjo music……………………:)

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