Day 22

First off, I’ve finally been able to read all the comments on my posts. Thanks to everyone who has commented, I really appreciate it!

Got new shoes, socks, and a Kindle in the mail today. Then went and shopped for 10 days of food at Walmart. We also dropped Kevin and Piper off at the trail. All this due to Lauren, our personal trail angel in Helena. She also took us by the outfitter in town, and then for a swim at the local lake (it was very hot today). Overall, we would have been hard-pressed to get everything done without her. This town is very spread out! Definitely a car city.

Zero has been nice, tomorrow we should be out hiking at some point, not sure when.

I realized late in the day that I had another 11 days of food to buy, as this next stretch of trail is very grocery store deficient. I have 21 days of food surrounding me in Andrew’s apartment now. A little daunting to pull it all together for tomorrow!

Daily Summary
Date: July 16, 2011
Day 22
Daily Distance: 0 miles
Trip Distance: 342.5 miles

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