Day 19

Had 4 coffees today, including a very tasty americano at Roasted, a place that sells art and espresso in Lincoln. The lady that runs it also has a very cute bull terrier (?). Sent 5 packages from the PO, which included getting rid of my ice axe, crampons, and rain jacket.

We eventually left town mid-afternoon in the bed of a pickup. As soon as we started hiking, rain started, but it was a steep climb so it was nice. We got up to the divide and walked a bit and then big thundershowers started. It was quite unnerving because we were exposed on top of a ridge with nowhere to go but up. So we climbed while thunder rumbled and rain came down in buckets…. Actually, the rain reminded me of home.

Chance eventually decided he was seeing too much lightning coming down near us, so we threw up his tarp under some trees for an hour while the worst of it went by.

The rain stopped as we were reaching the end of the day, so we quickly setup camp. Both our sleeping bags got a bit damp in spite of being in dry bags, so hopefully the night isn’t too cold.

Back to what I said first, perhaps sending my rain jacket off wasn’t my brightest idea. My windshirt and merino wool hoodie did a reasonable job of keeping me warm though, but once we camped I needed to be in my bag fast!

Daily Summary
Date: July 13, 2011
Day 19
Daily Distance: 12.1 miles
Trip Distance: 295.1 miles

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