Day 121

I had trouble sleeping last night, tossed and turned quite late. The stars were nice though and I had a fly buzzing round my head for company. In the morning I passed by the spot where the Columbus route splits off, so that’s the last I’ll see of Chance, Kevin, and Piper for sure. Right after that though, I finally caught up with ET. I last saw him in Sula, Montana, but I’ve been following his footprints since before Grants. Apparently he was at various times only 30 minutes ahead of us.

We caught up and talked the morning away, and by late afternoon made it to Pizza Hut in Silver City. Probably not the best choice of late lunch, considering we still had hiking to do, but so tasty.

My big news of the day was that I figured out how I’m getting from the border home! Sam Hughes, a trail angel is picking me up at the border in his truck, Wednesday night. Thursday morning I’m catching a bus to Phoenix. Friday morning I fly home!

In less good news, I lost my SPOT Connect last night or today, so no more nightly GPS coordinates until the end :(. Also, the Hut did not agree with me and I regretted it all the way out of town. I’m now camped 20 feet off the highway south of Silver City, hoping for a relatively quiet night! ET decided to stay in town when we ran into Moneyshot, who is biking New Mexico rather than finishing it as a hike.

Daily Summary
Date: Oct 22, 2011
Day 121
Daily Distance: 28.6 miles
Trip Distance: 2467.1 miles

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