Day 115

It was a great night last night. I stayed up awhile watching the stars, and I think some Milky Way. We were probably 20+ miles from any light pollution. I fell asleep barely under my bag, and only woke up briefly at 5am to pull it over me, but the moon was out by then and shining brightly.

We were up and hiking well before the sun, on a road that led all the way to Pie Town. My feet were not very happy by the time we arrived, but it was early afternoon so lots of time to recover. We dropped by Nita’s Toaster House, which is a house available for hikers to use anytime. The owner is rarely around, so you just help yourself to everything.

There’s only two businesses in town, both pie-focused cafes that generally only open around lunch time. We went to the one owned (?) by Nita and spent the whole afternoon until well after closing hanging out. We talked with people that came in, the chef (Cathy?), and staff while eating lots of pie.

We ordered a pie to go and headed back to the hostel in a car thanks to one of the Pie-o-Neer staff. We slowly found our way around the hostel, including finding the beer, wine, and coffee fixings. Megan, the waitress from the cafe, came over later and brought us ice cream. The people here are really nice if you didn’t figure it out yet 🙂

Daily Summary
Date: Oct 16, 2011
Day 115
Daily Distance: 22.7 miles
Trip Distance: 2289.1 miles

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