AT Gear Lists

Here’s what we are carrying on our AT thru-hike, excluding food, water, and stove fuel, but including some winter gear we plan to carry only at the very start and end of the trip. You can get the excruciating details of everything we’re carrying by clicking the link below each graph.

Ryley's Gear
Details for Ryley’s Gear

Megan's Gear
Details for Megan’s Gear

There’s definitely some weight savings by having two of us. I’ll be carrying the guide book and “maps”, Megan will have the phone (with GPS) so if she gets lost she can find the trail. The biggest change is the crazy light tent we’re bringing, from ZPacks, called the Hexamid Twin Tent, which weighs just over 1lb. Lighter than the tent I carried on the PCT and the CDT, but with room for two people (barely).

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3 Responses to AT Gear Lists

  1. Jared says:

    What’s the lambswool for?
    What kind of rope do you use for your bear bag?
    I don’t see a windshirt – does the wool hoodie fill that role or is the Houdini sufficiently breathable?
    Glad to see you’re finally using water bags.

    • Ryley says:

      Lambswool mixed with lanolin goes directly on popped blisters, then gets covered over with tape. It’s like cotton balls, but much softer.

      Rope for bear bag – good question? Nothing too outrageously lightweight though, it’s some kind of fairly thin nylon weave that slides well over branches but still ties (and unties!) easily.

      Houdini is a windshirt. I combine it with the wool hoodie for cold rain.

  2. Jaimie says:

    The fact that Ryley has more hygiene gear by weight than Megan gives me confidence in this whole undertaking.

    Mwa ha ha

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