Day 99 – Into Tennessee

We had a much better sleep last night and were happy to be inside – it was pouring out again. We had another awesome breakfast and coffee at MoJoe’s then packed up. We were expecting a package yesterday but found out today it accidentally got shipped to Duncannon, PA instead of Damascus, VA – not sure how that happened but I guess we’ll get it in another 120 miles now. Good thing we can do without it for a bit!


We hit the trail at 10! Not very early… Hiked up out of Damascus then had a rolling ridge line for most of the day. At one point I was walking along lost in thought and jumped out of my skin when the turtle I almost stepped on pulled it’s head into its shell. We stopped around 1 for lunch, met a few section and day hikers along the trail, and were happy the rainstorms seem to have subsided. More ridgeline in the forest in the afternoon although we did pop out into some cow fields and also 1/2 mile of wheelchair grade trail – so it was pretty easy. Ryley and I were talking about ultimate and training…kind of funny since I’m not sure either of us is capable of running right now 🙂
21.5 miles today.



Blair asked what pooh sticks are – so we made a video to explain.

For the record, Brown won this round 2-1. I highly recommend you give it a try next time you have a chance! 🙂

Current Pooh Sticks standings
Bearcat 2
Monk 1
Brown 3

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  1. Richard says:

    Still not sure where the name comes from….my brother and I would do this on the way home from school when it was raining…

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