Day 98 – Zero in Damascus

Took the day off today and watched it pour rain all morning. Had a nice breakfast in town including teal coffee and good quality food – a nice change from the last couple of breakfasts we’ve had in town. The Highway men got into town this looking and caught up with us at breakfast – they also got really wet last night and this morning. They’re also staying at the Hiker’s Inn tonight.

We spent the day doing nothing then the six of us went out for dinner for Willie Nelson’s birthday. It was also karaoke night at the restaurant, so we were entertained. Another late (for us) night but fun times.

DBB – Highland Brewing (Asheville, NC) – black mocha stout
Lazy Magnolia Brewing (Kiln, Mississippi) – southern pecan nut brown ale

Ben and Jerry’s blog – The Tonight Dough, Coffee Toffee Crunch

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