Day 83

My tent got frosted over inside and out but I got up early with Silverthorne in my sights. Chance texted me to say he was at a hotel right where the trail came into town, so I stopped by to say hi before breakfast. He told me to take a bus 15 miles down the trail and then walk back (more downhill that way). I left my pack at the hotel and headed out.

I heard from a bunch of people that it’s supposed to snow tonight, so I’m happy to end my day back in a town. The actual walk back to Silverthorne was great as it passed through two towns where I could get food! My parents called me while I walked too… Ahh civilization 🙂

It’s pouring rain at this elevation so that snow could be happening, if so tomorrow could be very umm… Interesting!

Daily Summary
Date: Sept 14, 2011
Day 83
Daily Distance: 20.7 miles
Trip Distance: 1574.4 miles

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