Day 84

I had a big plan for a perfect hiking morning, but was foiled by beating the breakfast place open. Instead I just got an early start to the hike, in the rain.

I climbed up through a ski hill and joined the Colorado Trail – a well signed and graded trail. Apparently I get to follow it for the next few days. The trail climbed and the rain turned to snow and sadly I couldn’t see more than glimpses of what should have been great views. The trail then dropped back down into more rain. For once I actually liked snow better (don’t tell my friends from out east!) because the rain was just super cold.

Anyways, I’ve ended up in another town, Leadville and it looks like I’m back in the wilderness for the next 4 days.

Today is the four year anniversary of finishing the PCT. The end of the CDT still seems an awful long way off… I remember being met at the end of the PCT by my family, friends and girlfriend and being really touched/surprised that they all cared enough to be there for me. At the same time, the end didn’t seem as huge a deal to me as it ought to have. Really, I was just exhausted and glad to be done. There wasn’t a big sense of accomplishment. Relief is probably a better word. Relief to be done walking, that it hadn’t started snowing, that I didn’t get hurt near the end.

So here I am with a thousand or so miles left to go. Scary.

Daily Summary
Date: Sept 15, 2011
Day 84
Daily Distance: 21.1 miles
Trip Distance: 1595.5 miles

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