Day 82

It snowed last night! Just a bit, but enough to freeze a layer on my tent and leave a dusting on the trail all morning. Winter is coming….

I added up the elevation for today and combined with yesterday my legs are toasted! There weren’t so many big peaks today, instead two big dips down to river valleys followed by big climbs back to the Divide. The views in every direction were crazy all day. Endless amazing looking ridges and mountain systems just begging to be explored.

I met some bow hunters in the evening who were pretty nice (although they didn’t offer me anything from their giant camp!). They hadn’t had any luck yet, and I haven’t seen elk in awhile, so I couldn’t help them.

Daily Summary
Date: Sept 13, 2011
Day 82
Daily Distance: 23.7 miles
Trip Distance: 1553.7 miles

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