Day 77


There was a nice bright overhead light near us last night, along with a smoky fire next campsite over. Neither of us slept well. We didn’t rush out camp, opting for the cheaper of two available breakfast options, followed by a very expensive resupply. National Park’s campstores are about double the price of a regular grocery store. Good thing we only need a couple days food to get to the next town. 


Anyways, we hit the trail by 9:30, not bad. We spent much of the day cursing spider webs and killing deer flies (sorry Judy!). Otherwise, much green tunnel, only really popped out for one view right before dinner. After dinner, I suggested we push on for a couple miles. We watched the sun set beautifully, but didn’t find a spot to camp til we had climbed the next mountain. So, we are perched in the trees atop a little peak tonight. I brushed my teeth watching lightning strikes in the distance. We got swarmed by noseeums as we got into the tent though, so we’ve been fighting them as a reasonably fitting end to the day.

My cramping muscles seem to be better, although continuing cooler weather makes it somewhat hard to tell. Fingers crossed.

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