Day 62


My poor hat!

Another day in PA! Not a lot happened again, we just hiked some more good miles. We met a woman hiking Northbound with her dog who has been on the trail since May 25th – making good progress. She said she was number 1350 through Harper’s Ferry (the official unofficial half-way point, and something we find interesting to know how many of the ~3000 northbound hikers that start the trail made it that far. It also gives us a very rough idea of how many hikers we may have passed going the other way. Although, there are also quite a few “flip-flop”ers – people who are doing the whole trail but not one end to the other). Megan is having a little bout of shin splints that we’re hoping to nip in the bud.

Reader question:
What has been your best “bang for your buck” meal?

A: We had nearly free meals in the Huts of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. All we had to do was a bit of work! Example “all you can eat” meal: soup, fresh bread w/ butter, lasagna, salad, green beans, and hot chocolate.

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3 Responses to Day 62

  1. karen says:

    what work did you have to do for that? dig some graves?

  2. Dave says:

    How did you manage to totally trash your hat?

    • Ryley says:

      It’s been quite overgrown in PA and I keep snagging it on thorns… I’ve also headbutted a couple branches which didn’t help 🙂

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